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Here’s to the perfect carpet installation

If you are looking to give your home a modern look by installing carpets, we can help you! Anderson Flooring & Tile in Spring Grove, IL, is your local source for all carpets and flooring. A proper, professional carpet installation is crucial to the life and performance of your carpet. Choosing a carpet doesn’t have to be complicated with our team and neither does the installation. Our crew will guide you throughout the whole process, making sure you choose the perfect carpet for your place.

Why Choose Anderson Flooring & Tile?

There are many different flooring options that are available for the home or office. We are an authorized dealer of many of the largest flooring companies and their flooring products, which includes carpeting, hardwood, and laminate. Let us help you choose between types, styles, or colors, for we have the design skills, too. Being a family-owned business, we know the importance of having a great carpet for your home’s interior. The key to our success is our excellent customer service backed by a team of skilled installers. We carry out the best carpet consultation and carpet installation processes in Spring Grove, IL, to guarantee our clients’ quality solutions.

Carpet Installation is a very precise service, that’s why it’s better to be performed by an experienced contractor. We want you to be happy with your new flooring and offer complete services to make that happen. We’ll make sure to provide you a quality carpet over your floor. Our experts will take care of the entire installation so that every last detail is perfect. We carry out a job tailored to your needs. And we will always go the extra mile to exceed expectations and demands.

You can check what’s included in our carpet installation service below:

  • Preparing and cutting tackless strips;
  • Laying carpet pad;
  • Measuring the room and cutting carpet based on the size of the room;
  • Anchoring the walls;
  • Power stretching the corners;
  • Trimming carpet of the wall;
  • Installing molding;

Partner With Our Amazing Contractors

Our story at Anderson Flooring & Tile spans decades of servicing home builders and new home buyers in Spring Grove, IL. Our flooring showroom staffs experts who have skill and knowledge when it comes to laying your new floor coverings for beauty and longevity. Anderson Tile & Carpet has created one of the best reputations in Northern Illinois area for all of your carpet, laminate, hardwood, Tile and LVP needs. We know that in order for us to serve our clients, we need to work with amazing partners in the community.

Anderson Flooring & Tile works with all contractors in the Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin to help their clients create beautiful spaces. If you are in need of working with a contractor on your bathroom remodeling project, reach out to Anderson Flooring & Tile and we can help you select the flooring choice you desire and connect you with exceptional remodeling contractors to install. 

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