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Luxury Vinyl Planks

Luxury vinyl comes in planks or tiles, sometimes called LVP and LVT, respectively. There are glue-down and loose-fit versions available, but also interlocking styles that join together in much the same way as laminate flooring planks. Vinyl planks give you the appearance of real hardwood floors without the high costs or maintenance. Luxury vinyl planks take this one step further with thicker planks and wear layers, high-quality visual layers, edge treatments, warranties and more! Like some styles of laminate flooring, luxury vinyl flooring can look remarkably like natural wood and natural stone. Vinyl plank flooring has an average life expectancy of around twenty years, but with proper installation, your flooring will last even longer.

What To Consider When Installing Luxury Vinyl Planks (LVP) or Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)?

Installing a new floor in your home can be a massive and complicated decision. When making the decision, you must consider foot traffic, moisture and climate as well as design and functionality. Vinyl is an affordable and durable flooring material that homeowners love; it’s available in many different colors and styles and can be installed in a variety of locations throughout the house. Vinyl plank flooring is also ideal for high-moisture areas such as bathrooms and basements since the material is completely impervious to water. We have a large selection of vinyl plank flooring options for our clients, so we are confident we have something that will match your current space.

Our flooring team is happy to discuss what you’re looking for in a vinyl plank floor and to help you find the perfect flooring to match your needs. A moderate-sized room can easily be covered with vinyl plank flooring with just a few hours of work. Vinyl plank flooring, like laminate or wood flooring, needs to have a layout that is pleasing to the eye. Generally, this is done by working from the most visible wall—usually, the one that greets the eye as you enter the room—then working outward toward the entryway. Plan to stagger rows so that end joints do not fall at the same point for adjacent rows. Manufacturers recommend that end seams be offset at least 6 inches from row to row.

Our flooring contractors recommend this style of flooring if you want to completely waterproof your kitchen or bathroom floors to protect them from children, pets, and other messes. We make it easy to find the right Vinyl Flooring to meet your needs. Whether you are re-flooring a single room or your entire home, we have the products, selection, and help you need to make a smart investment. As part of our LVP installation services in Spring Grove, IL, we offer free flooring estimates and also free flooring measures.

For Luxury Vinyl Purchasing & Installation in the Northern Illinois Area

For homeowners looking to stay within budget and not deal with the upkeep, vinyl flooring is a great alternative to other flooring choices. Overall thickness for vinyl ranges from 1.5 mm for sheet vinyl to 8 mm for luxury vinyl planks, making these products thinner than some laminate flooring 12mm. Anderson Flooring & Tile has a showroom in Spring Grove, IL, and from there, we offer outstanding products and services to meet all your designing needs.  Enjoy our expert services along with free estimates and measurements to ensure a perfect fit.

We proudly serve residents from Spring Grove, IL, Antioch, IL, Fox Lake, IL, Johnsburg, IL, Lake Geneva, WI, McHenry, IL, Richmond, IL, Twin Lakes, WI, and Barrington, IL, and we’d love to help with your project as well. As soon as you let us know what you’re looking for, we’ll get right to work for you. Bathroom renovations and remodels are what we do, so stop by today.

Partner With Our Amazing Contractors

Anderson Flooring & Tile has created one of the best reputations in Northern Illinois area for all of your carpet, laminate, hardwood, Tile and LVP needs. We know that in order for us to serve our clients, we need to work with amazing partners in the community. The LVP installation process is a quick and much cleaner installation process than with wood boards. Vinyl plank floor installers can finish the project in a single day.

Anderson Flooring & Tile works with all contractors in the Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin to help their clients create beautiful spaces. If you are in need of working with a contractor on your bathroom remodeling project, reach out to Anderson Flooring & Tile and we can help you select the flooring choice you desire and connect you with exceptional bathroom remodeling contractors to install.

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