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Tile flooring is the right choice for those looking for a strong and long-lasting flooring material that requires next to no maintenance. With tile installation, you virtually have near endless options of designs, colors, and textures, making it a flexible flooring option.

Carpet is among the top on the list for flooring installation options. It’s proven to be comfortable and luxurious, bringing softness and warmth to any place. Carpet installation is equally loved due to its ability to muffle footsteps, making them ideal for upper floors, staircases, and rooms where silence or calm is required.

Are you looking for timeless flooring? Then hardwood installation is the way to go. It’s remained popular over the decades primarily because it is warm and still adds personality to any room, all the while being easy to care for. Our professional hardwood installers should get your home looking brand new in no time all while increasing the property value.

If you wish to have rugged, durable, and waterproof flooring, then vinyl plank flooring is the idyllic material to go for. Vinyl flooring comes in various styles, colors, and shades, so you have the freedom to choose what best matches the space where the vinyl plank floor installers will get the job done. You’re also not limited to one brand; here at Anderson Flooring and Tile in McHenry IL, we have a couple you can choose from, all high quality, with most opting for LVP installation since it mimics wood flooring.

Hardwood Flooring Installation McHenry IL