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Vinyl plank flooring has proven to be one of the most popular flooring options in the market today, and it’s with good reason. For one, it is low maintenance, water-resistant and durable so that you can enjoy it for years. Vinyl is also made with functionality in mind; it is strong and can withstand high traffic while still upholding its beauty. Most of all, the motivating factor in reaching for vinyl flooring is that it is cost-effective.

The tiling market has come a long way, and it is no different with vinyl flooring. While people were previously limited to a few vinyl options, you can get them in a range of plank thickness, wood species, stone, designs, and colors. Here at Anderson Flooring & Tile in Spring Grove, IL, we have many planks to choose from, ranging from simple to luxurious.

Here are several techniques our vinyl plank floor installers use to install the planks. You can opt for interlocking, peel-and-stick, or glued down. Several quality brands are available in our store, so you’re not limited to one manufacturer or variety and can find flooring that suits your taste, design preference, and budget. Our primary focus is helping clients find the right vinyl plank that will help update their floors, whether at home or in other projects.

Not sure what to go for? We have a dedicated team here in Spring Grove IL that is more than willing to help you make the decision right for you. You can equally browse our selection of vinyl flooring to get an idea of the possibilities open to you.

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